Fox 43's Harri Leigh Featured Daisy The Blanket Lady and her Camo Corona Mask on air titled "York woman sewing cloth COVID-19 masks for veterans"

On April 1, 2020 Fox 43's Journalist Harri Leigh, featured our most popular selling product on air and on their website. The interview was via Skype and we talked about how and why Daisy decided to take the company on a "Corona-cation" detour to help others during the pandemic with our 4-Layer "Camo Corona Mask". You can find the article on Included in the article, Harri Leigh stated, "YORK, Pa. — The CDC is considering advising everyone to wear a non-medical mask whenever they go outside. In response, one local seamstress is sewing masks for veterans." Harri also included a quote from me, a.k.a. Daisy,  "I’m actually taking the woobie and cutting it up and making masks out of them, for the general public, not necessarily for the medical field." This was a great experience and a need that we are honored to help and be a small part in the efforts to flatten the curve of the Corona Virus spread. 

Fortunately, we have turned our Woobies into 'four layers of protection' masks to provide comfort to the veterans as well as the general public.  The camouflage fabric is a thin layer of batting, quilted between two thin layers of 100% nylon fabric.  The reverse side is 100% cotton in fun patterns and colorful solids. The straps are Velcro to allow a perfect fit.  These fit tightly over your nose and reach to just below your chin which provide the optimum protection and are fully washable and reversible.

We take pride in our community and nation! To show our support our Woobies are made in the USA, was well as our mask.  The "Camo Corona Mask" may cost a bit more than your 2 layer mask, but the results in a high quality product that is worth a bit more. Take a look at the video and the website for more information and how get one of your own! 

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