Quarantine Solutions and How We Stay Together When We Are Kept Apart

During this time of uncertainty, we are all looking for ways to remain calm and create a, " New normal". This term is not one that sits well with the majority, and change is not exactly easy. You see change is defined as, "Change is a natural part of life. The years have brought many changes to the town's economy." according to www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/change .

Today, I strolled along with my Fur Baby, NICO. I was thrilled to post about this and the "Silver Lining" of the insight that followed our "Doink". So to those who do not know what a "Doink" is, this is our term for walking. A friend sent me a song a few years back that I soon used as a daily comfort when I walked Nico. It had a positive beat and I soon started saying DOINK, DOINK ,DOINK, as we walked and Nico started responding to doinking instead of walking. This feeling of positivity surrounded me today because this is one of my solutions to staying positive and together during this time of isolation. We as a community are inevitably surrounded by each other, whether we know each other personally or are neighbors or complete strangers. The "Silver Lining" that you all bring was evident today while we "Doinked" and I am proud to be a part of York County, PA.

Thank you all for the Positive sights, sounds and inspiration. 

I got to thinking as we doinked today about with everything going on and the state shutdown how disappointed my local kids will be as I walked past the pool that is closed. I was proud to see the American Flag flying high as I passed many houses and local businesses that are closed and still fly the flag and Donald Trumps flag as they show their appreciation and respect for our country.


I took a look at the hard work that my neighbors have done on their yards planting trees and flowers to increase the beauty we see. The words of encouragement that are posted on signs, in windows and in random places that truly touch my heart because these kind of things normally did not happen before. I am seeing the silver lining through this Corona-Cation, I am seeing families spending more time together doing things to improve their home, morale and to inspire others. The world came together when they are made to stay apart.



I smiling as I come back to our home and see the Newly planted row of arborvitaes that were planted and this is Daisy's Home Sweet Home.... our happy place thank you to all of my neighbors and community for making today beautiful!

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