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A weighted blanket is a cocoon of warmth and security similar to being hugged.  Our handmade Woobie Weighted Blankets are a drug-free solution to provide relief from insomnia, anxiety and stress.  Daisy the Blanket Lady is committed to helping our military heroes feel better.  Since we use only authentic military issued woobies, our blankets bring a sense of familiarity to our military veterans and their families.

Choose a weighted blanket that is ready to ship or have us make a custom blanket by choosing your favorite camouflage pattern, underside fabric, weight.  Add a custom embroidered emblem or name tape and you have the perfect personalized gift for your loved one.

Benefits of using a Weighted Blanket

Whatsa 'Woobie'?

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Weighted Blankets w/Faux Fur

Feel safe and comfy under one of our Woobie Weighted Blankets or Wee Woobie Weighted Blankets. Faux Fur in every color!!

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Weighted Blankets are a personal purchase. Let your loved one design and decide themselves.


I have several of these lux custom blankets, and when my friends see them, they want them too. Amazing array of colors and fabrics, and Daisy makes sure you are completely satisfied. The embroidery quality is exceptional. If you can visit her studio, it is well worth it.


My daughter love her blanket. At first she was a little questionable but she really has grown to love it! Her therapist uses it a lot with her at well.


Honestly, Jacoby falls asleep much quicker and asks for the weighted blanket each night so that is huge for a boy who has sleeping issues (which are much better since getting the weighted blanket). Thanks again!


This blanket looks exactly as it did in photos. It's super soft and the perfect size for our 6YO. She has slept thru the night 5/7 nights a week which was 0/7 before! We are especially in love with the pocket for essential oils. Game changer!


Definitely! I love my blanket. I use it every night. Will purchase more in the future from you.


Hi! They are all great! We absolutely love them! I would love some. We take them to the kids daycares to help with nap.


Jackson got the blanket for Christmas. He’s eleven. The blanket goes EVERYWHERE with him!!!!v


I am so happy with my purchase!! Such great quality and I love all the patchwork designs. Would definitely recommend this seller. Quick shipping. She sent it Monday and it arrived Thursday. Overall, very pleased!


He loved them, he put it on his lap immediately. I think I am going to order a full size for myself.


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