Daisy The Blanket Lady

Sometime in 2018, my best friend began to call me 'Daisy'.  At the time, I thought it was cute and embraced the nickname without question.  As time went on, I became curious as to why he chose Daisy. His explanation was simple. I reminded him of the cartoon character named Daisy Do-Right. With that said the name Daisy became real to me.  You see, I had just put an end to a struggle that began the day I moved into my house here in PA.  The terrible ordeal had left me emotionally, physically, and financially drained.  Throughout the many criminal and legal proceedings that required me to take the Oath, I stuck to the truth and in the end justice prevailed and I now feel safe in my home.
I had learned of the many benefits of using a weighted blanket and knew I wanted to learn to make them.  Such an easy and natural thing to do...snuggle under a blanket to feel safe and secure.  From that point, I knew how I would fill my days and at the same time help others feel better.
Sewing became productive therapy for me and equally rewarding was the comfort they provided to others.  The weighted blankets provided a drug-free remedy for many conditions.  Snuggling under Daisy's blankets is like getting a Big Hug!
The Woobie Weighted Blankets and Wee Woobie Weighted Blankets were born out of a conversation I had with the same friend.  He selflessly served his country for many years in the armed forces. As he explained the comfort that comes from having a Woobie, I knew I must find a way to turn a Woobie into a Woobie Weighted Blanket.
I use only authentic military issued poncho liners, referred to as a Woobie, as the shell for my Woobie Weighted Blankets, as well as, my Wee Woobie Weighted Blankets.  The glass beads used to add weight to the pieces are Made in the USA. My weighted blankets are one-of-a-kind and made with care to provide many hugs for as long as you need them.
- Daisy