What are the Benefits of a using a Weighted Blanket?

In America, it is estimated that 7.8 million people will suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) at some point in their lives. Within this statistic, our war veterans and military personnel are most susceptible. Uneasy episodes, specifically during sleep, such as flashbacks and nightmares cause a very tough situation which leads to suffers looking for solutions.

In the aim to provide drug-free relief, weighted blankets give the kind of warmth and security one needs when suffering from anxiety, stress, or even insomnia. These weighted blankets provide the comfort that you feel when being hugged. It is a known method of reducing underlying conditions for people suffering from various ailments and it is an effective solution that is drug-free and completely natural.

So how does it work really? Weighted blankets are filled with glass beads that create heaviness to comfort the user. Blankets can be filled with the weight of your choice and personalized by adding a name tag, embroidery or even use your military issued Woobie to bring even more comfort.


So what is a Woobie? A woobie is a term coined to designate any kind of object such as a stuffed animal, a garment, or even a blanket that provides a comforting feeling while resting or sleeping. Our military are familiar with the term ‘Woobie’ in a different sense. Their issued ‘Woobie’ or poncho liner provides protection and comfort from the elements. While you can get a weighted blanket many different places, we do things a bit different here at Daisy the Blanket Lady. Here, we can create weighted blankets from your military issued Woobie that make one feel comforted, accompanied, and even loved while resting. It serves the same function of someone being held, which is a main requisite for aiding someone who suffers from PTSD. Studies have shown that these weighted blankets work with the idea of a form of a therapy known as deep pressure touch stimulation (DTPS), which serves as a type of pressure that stimulates the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormones: serotonin and dopamine. The weighted blanket simulates the feeling of stroking, touching, holding, or even enfolding, all very comforting gestures. It serves as a comforting hug, as well as keeping you warm while resting. This in turn provides a feeling of calmness, thereby creating a sense of relaxation that will induce deep and continuous sleep.

Weighted blankets are not exclusively for people who suffer from PTSD but for others who are having a hard time getting enough quality sleep. It is a comforting blanket that creates a feeling of calm and induces better sleep.

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