How much weight will work best for me?

We believe you will find the Decide Guide helpful. That being said, please know that we are not medical professionals and my suggestions have been the conclusion of customers and their feedback. We compiled the thoughts and opinions of what weight has worked or not worked for them.

Are Daisy's blankets machine washable?

Yes. We recommend washing our blankets in Cold water and dry on Low heat or lay flat to dry. 

Are your Woobies new or used?

Both. Since these are obtained directly from the government auctions they are new, used and everything in between.  My woobies are clean and free from rips and tears but you may find patches to secure the integrity of the Glass Bead filling added as the inside weight.

What do you add to your blankets to add weight to them?

We use Glass Beads that are a sand-like consistency. The glass beads are mildew resistant, hypoallergenic and fully washable and dry-able.

Do you make a blanket that will cover my Queen sized bed?

We do not. I believe your weighted blanket should cover you as opposed to your bed. Visit the Blankets on the Bed page to see how each blanket will fit on your bed.  If the weight is on your bed it is being wasted.

Can I purchase just a Woobie?

Absolutely! We offer Woobies in three of the United States Military camouflage patterns.  Add a custom logo, emblem or monogram embroidered on the bottom corner. Newly added is the Woobies I was able to obtain from Finland. I believe them to be from the Dutch Armed Forces. They are very nice and unlike the US woobies...these are rectangular. Go here...

Can I add personalization to the Ready to Ship Woobie Weighted Blankets?

No. Since these blankets are complete except for adding the Glass Beads I am unable to  add patches or custom embroidery to them. More times than not, I am able to build the exact blanket to your specifications including the design, Faux Fur & camouflage pattern. Feel free to use my Contact form to make this request. I will contact you within 24 hours with how you can have the perfect Weighted Blanket made just for you.

I have a logo I'd like embroidered onto a WeeWoobie Weighted Blanket to promote wellness. What is the minimum purchase for adding a custom logo?

One. Since most of our weighted blankets are made to order we are able to make as few or as many as you'd like to purchase. Please contact us for a quote and timeframe for your order to be completed. Special Order furs may require extra time, usually 7 days.