Laced Heart Wee Woobie Weighted Blanket - Woodland Camo with Wintergreen Fur

Laced Heart Wee Woobie Weighted Blanket - Woodland Camo with Wintergreen Fur

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This Wee Woobie Weighted Blanket is made from part of a Woodland Camouflage patterned poncho liner.  A mint green colored Lace Heart is stitched in the bottom corner. The underside is a Wintergreen faux fur. Choose your weight with help from our Decide Guide, we fill and ship to you.

Size: 31" x 44" (irregular shape)
Weight: 2lbs - 6lbs
Shell: 100% Nylon / 100% Polyester Faux Fur
Batting: 100% Polyester
Lined: 100% Polyester Interfacing
Fill: Sand-like Glass Beads
Pocket Size: 5 inches (may vary slightly)
Care: Machine Wash Cold Dry Low or Lay Flat
Ages: 2+ years old

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The many

Layers of Our Wee Woobie Blankets

Woodland Camo

The Woodland pattern is a camouflage pattern that was used as the default camouflage pattern issued to the United States Armed Forces from 1981, until its replacement in the mid 2000s. Woodland is usually what’s used to reference the black, brown, green prior to the ACU.  It also had 'chocolate chips' which was the desert pattern in the first Gulf war.



Marines have the Woodland and Desert MARPAT digitalis, The pattern I offer is the Woodland Digital camp pattern which is backed by the Coyote Brown, which was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Home paint color 'Coyote'. This color has since been discontinued from RL.

camo history


ACU is the grey digital pattern which was first introduced to the military in 2004, the same time as the UCP, Universal Uniform Pattern. The ACU was actually the functional uniform design implemented at the same time as UCP but has since been retired.